Spring massage 120 min.
DKK 995,- per person

renewal - energy - organic

Enjoy our aromatic massage with the golden sea buckthorn oil.

This treatment is also available for couples and pregnant women.

You can book our Spring massage until May 31st 2018. 

This treatment consists of approx. 20 min. of dry body peeling, approx. 60 min. deep tissue massage and approx. 40 min. facial treatment focusing on facemassage.

Your therapist start by gently dry peeling the back of your body, your hands and arms using a lymphatic drainage technique that both removes the skin's dead skin cells and sets the bloodstream. Dry Loofah peeling is a unique skin sensation that feels comfortable and at the same time leaves your skin with a fresh glow.

After the bodypeeling you will receive a deep tissue backmassage with an organic and vegan sea buckthorn oil from Weleda. The oil has a fresh and fruity scent while saturating your skin with energy and nutrition. It is blended with easily absorbing sesame oil and freshly scented essential oils that give your skin golden radiance and softness. 

Now it is time for a facial focusing on massaging your face with exclusive natural products. First your face and neck will be cleansed with Weleda's organic mild cleansing milk. Then your therapist will gently massage your face with Anne Marie Børlind's cream peel with natural jojoba wax beads that removes dead skin cells.
If you have ever had a face massage you know that it is not only about the technique during the massage. The product used for your facial massage is also crucial. It must both have a soft texture and a wonderful scent. Anne Marie Børlind's massage cream specially for the face lives up to the these demands, and it gives nutrition and enjoyment to the delicate skin that requires energy.
After your face massage your therapist will put on a revitalizing face mask with sea buckthorn, goji and acai. Again a wonderful scent og effect this natural mask has. 
You will keep your face mask on for 10 minutes while your therapist gives you a hand massage with Weleda's vegan sea buckthorn bodylotion, which both makes your hands soft while smelling amazing.

The Springmassage finishes off with a very exclusive cream again from Anne Marie Børlind giving your face skin nutrition and energy.

After your treatment we will be serving you organic fruit, tea and water as refreshments. Please feel free to relax in our lounge as long as you need. 

Note that you can purchase the products used during your treatment with a 10% discount if you buy them on the day your Spring Massage is performed.