Brazilian hair removal

Brazilian hair removal means removing all or almost all genital hair with wax or sugar. You decide for yourself what Brazilian wax treatment you want and how much you wish to have removed You must book wheether you want the treatment done with hard wax or sugaring in advance.

Why is a wax treatment cheaper than sugaring?

Quite simply because the products are significantly more expensive and because it requires extra courses to excel the Ezanza Therapists in sugaring. On the other hand, sugaring takes less time and it is less painfull than waxing.

Intimate hair removal always includes the bikini line.

You choose between Brazilian or Hollywood

Brazilian/Brazil hair removal is the removal of all genital hair except a stripe in the middle. Hollywood is removal of all genital hair.

However, the general perception of the concept in DK of Brazilian hair removal is that it means removing all genital hair, which is also the most common form of genital hair removal we perform.

The hair length is important!

It is very important that the hairs are neither shorter nor longer than approx. ½-1 cm. If they are too short, the sugar/wax can't  pull out the hairs. If they are too long, it hurts more.

Why choose us?

  • Everyone who performs intimate hair removal with us has been specially trained, so that you can feel completely safe.
  • We focus on high professionalism and giving you the best possible treatment with the best possible results.
  • We always make sure that the Ezanza Therapists have time for questions and individual guidance.
  • Hygiene is very important to us. For example, we always use gloves on intimate hair removal, just like your skin is always prepared before mild skin cleansing, and infused in soothing and bactericidal cream after treatment. This reduces the likelihood that you, for example, get buds in the weeks after your hair removal due to bacteria.

How is the treatment done?

Brazilian hair removal is always done with wax or sugar for intimate hair removal. This means that the product is mild to the more delicate skin we have in the armpit, bikini line and intimate zone.

Preparing for your hair removal

  • The length of the hair should ideally be 6-8 mm
  • After shaving, it usually takes 2-3 weeks before the hairs have the right length
  • For better results, peel and moist your skin with lotion the day before.

After treatment

  • You may become sensitive to the treated area the first day after treatment, but it will better quickly.
  • You must have comfortable and not too tight clothes on, the first time you try Brazilian hair removal.
  • If you keep your hair removal at just every 4 to 6 weeks, the soreness during treatment will be significantly reduced after your first time, because there will be much less hair to remove.
  • To reduce the likelihood of ingrown hair, peel your skin at home daily for a minimum of 1 week either with a mild peeling cream/gel or a peeling glove.


At last..

You are advised not to try intimate wax/sugar if it is your first time with this kind of hair removal. We recommend that you begin to grow your lower leg and/or armpits to get a feeling of how sugaring / waxing generally feels.

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