Sugaring and waxing for men

Preparing for your sugaring treatment

~ The length of the hair should ideally be 6-8 mm
~ After shaving, it should typically take 2-3 weeks before the hairs have the right length
~ For better results, peel and moisten your skin with lotion the day before.

Tips for sugaring of upper body/torso

~ Bring a completely clean t-shirt with you, to put on after sugaring. Knots after professional sugaring treatment are remedied when there are fewer bacterias, that penetrate into the open hair follicles and cause irritation.
~ Also avoid working out, sauna and chlorine water the same day.


Sugaring full back ** .......... kr. 345, -
Sugaring whole back ** + breast + stomach .......... kr. 645, -
Sugaring ½ back * .......... kr. 210, -
Sugaring ½ back ** + breast + stomach .......... kr. 580, -
Sugaring breast + stomach .......... kr. 345, -
Wax whole back ** .......... kr. 290, -
Wax whole back ** + chest + stomach .......... kr. 540, -
Wax ½ back * .......... kr. 145, -
Wax ½ back * + chest + stomach .......... kr. 435, -
Wax breast + stomach .......... kr. 290, -

* ½ back is either from the middle back down to the back or middle back up to the neck with shoulders
** Full back is lower back to/including neck with shoulders

The hair length is important!

It is very important that the hairs are neither shorter nor longer than approx. ½-1 cm long. If they are too short, the wax/sugar can not get enough hair out. Are they too long, it definetely hurts more.

After treatment

~ To reduce the likelihood of ingrown hair, peel your skin at home daily for at least 1 week either with a mild peeling cream / gel or a peeling glove
~ You may become sensitive to the treated area the first day after treatment, but it will quickly progress.
~ If you keep your hair removal at just every 4 to 6 weeks, the soreness during treatment will be significantly reduced since after your first time there will be much less hair to remove.

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